Gamethon is the world’s premier tournament platform where mobile gamers can use their skills to compete for cash and prizes. Gamethon does not host games of chance, and all winnings are based on your ability..

Skill Based games are games where the outcome or result is achieved through player’s skill or ability, making these games legal in US. Gamethon is a platform that advances this trend, enabling skill-based multiplayer tournaments on mobile devices while offering gamers the ability to compete for real prizes. Games powered by Gamethon take the clear distinction as being games of skill and not games of chance, a difference which makes Gamethon tournaments legal in the majority of the United States.

No, Skill Based games are not gambling. generally accepted definition of gambling involves three specific things: (1) the award of a prize, (2) paid-in consideration (meaning entrants pay to compete) and (3) an outcome determined on the basis of chance. Without all three of these elements, a competition that reward real prizes is not gambling. In the case of Gamethon tournaments, outcomes are not determined by chance, but are rather achieved through a player’s skill or ability, making these tournaments legal in most U.S. states.

Gamehton is a multiplayer tournament platform that lets you compete in games with other people around the world for our virtual tokens. You can withdraw your winnings any time.


You can create account with your Facebook or Google. Mobile number is a must even if you create account using Facebook or Google. Mobile number will be validated using OTP. Alternately you can also create account using your mobile number

Click on the icon at the right bottom to go to profile. Click on the profile picture and you can upload an image from gallery or take a picture form the camera and upload the profile picture.

No, you can login to only one device at a time using the same Gamethon.

Password can be changed from login screen. Click on forgot password. Type in your mobile number get the OTP and enter new password. You can also change the password from your profile screen. Click on My profile. There you can change your password


You need Gamethon Tokens to participate in the matches. User can redeem these winning Tokens for real money.

gamethon coin

You need Gamethon Tokens are virtual credits. You have to buy these tokens. You can buy tokens in Indian Rupees or USD

You need You can use the winnings to continue playing. This way you can increase your earnings by keep playing with your winnings.

At Gamethon you can find 3 types match formats. (1) Tournament (2) 1Vs1 Battle (3) League. Game has these match formats wherever possible with different prize pool and fees. With so many choices for games, match formats and prize pool, there are many prizes to be won

gamethon tournaments

Tournament format of matches are live for a specific time period. Once joined, players play as many times as possible. Players play to increase their rankings based on the score they achieve. At the end of the game, the players are ranked based on the highest scores recorded and winnings are distributed at the end of the game. Only the best score is account for ranking, hence play unlimited times once you join the match.

gamethon battle

Battle format of matches are where 2 players battle against each other as a challenge in real time to beat the opponent or for high score. The winnings is immediately credited to the winning balance. While few games are purely 2 players like pool, ludo, etc, there are also single player games where 2 players play simultaneously and the one getting the best score among the two wins

gamethon league

League format of matches are set of battle games played between 16 or less people. Players play and advance to the next round till 2 players remain who play the final match. League games are played continuously till the finals are played and we get one winner.

You can view your matches from the My matches icon at the bottom. You can also view your matches for a specific game by visiting the match page for the game and use the toggle button on that screen to view your matches for that game – upcoming, ongoing and results.

Go to your profile page by clicking on the My profile icon at the bottom right. On that page click on My statistics. It will show all the details of matches you have played along with fees paid and winning amount.


You can add tokens from the wallet. Add tokens using INR (Indian rupees) or USD (for international players). Choose your currency and add tokens. Safe and secure transactions. Paypal is integrated for USD while razorpay and PayTM is integrated for Indian Rupees.

You can redeem tokens. Tokens can be redeemed in Indian Rupees and USD. Choose your currency and click to redeem the Tokens. For USD you need to have paypal account. Amount will credited to your paypal account. For Indian Rupees amount will be credited to the bank account. Amount will be credited Instantly to the respective accounts.



Invite your friends on the app using your promo code to get 30 tokens when they join the first paid match. Your friend also gets 10 tokens as signup bonus.

10% of the match participation fees is deducted from the bonus amount. The remaining participation fees is paid from deposit and winning tokens

No, you cannot redeem bonus tokens. Bonus tokens can only be used to pay the match participation fees.